Services and solutions

Digital interactive television, on the basis of which unique educational video content is broadcast for doctors and patients on trends and recent advances in medicine, complex clinical cases, prevention and treatment of diseases, major industry events are considered.
Our platform allows you to provide online consultations to patients anywhere in the world, wherever you are. We offer doctors to expand the audience of patients and advise them on a personal convenient schedule, improve their rating, make author publications. is always high-quality content and the latest news from the world of medicine.
The virtual server allows to carry out at the same time of the task of many users, provides unsurpassed reliability and uninterrupted operation of operation, high confidentiality of data and presents you all necessary for comfortable and safe distant work with your information from any point of the world.
Technical resources of our data centers and intellectual potential of their staff can provide a wide range of high-tech services.
You receive the WEB resource, not only in the best way deciding your business tasks, but also reflecting originality and identity of your company.
The system will provide to you a wide number of the services increasing business performance, and it is open for any organization, irrespective of a field of activity, form of ownership, the size and the location.
IP-telephony (SIP-telephony) - is widely and successfully used worldwide innovative design that combined a conventional telephony and the Internet, through which classical telephony seizes opportunities, began to work much better and more efficiently. In short, IP-telephony is a quality, comfortable, safe, flexible and cheap phone calls over the Internet.
Integrated solutions for information security - the key to the safe and efficient operation of your employees, development and prosperity of your business.
If you want to cut expenses and to increase overall performance and competitiveness of your company - this service for you!
Do you want to distract from suffocating vanity, housekeeping, daily occurrence and to be transferred to the fine and bewitching world of your dream the world of a modern cinema, the world of your favorite band, the art world. Then our service the multimedia house is for you!
Our offers will be interesting to the people, which are active, vigorous, able to work, earn and comfortably to have a rest, using various techniques and electronics to save time and in time to receive necessary information where they were.
The command of our high quality professionals will execute the qualified installation, the correct and coincidence tuning, operational administration of your server equipment.
Our service and maintenance of high efficiency and quality will allow to prolong period of life of your computer hardware and to minimize costs of purchase of the new.
Our professionalism will allow you to avoid problems with your networks and data transmission systems: we diagnose and we will remove possible failure before, they really will arise and can affect your business negatively.
The qualified installation, timely service, operational changeover of accessories and office equipment repair.
Our telecommunication services are oriented not on the mass market of house users but, first of all, on corporate and business clients.
Our goal - to ensure the safety of your business and life you and your family.