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The Modern Technologies of Information and Security - technologies of success
The Modern Technologies of Information and Security - technologies of success
The Modern Technologies of Information and Security - technologies of success
The Modern Technologies of Information and Security - technologies of success

The Modern Technologies of Information and Security was created in 2005 by a command of talented and vigorous people. Their mission and business are development and implementation of the modern information technologies in the life of society.

"STIB" is a versatile IT company, it is a integrator of information-technological services and the decisions, providing at the highest qualitative level all complex of services from consultation and project development before their implementation and attending. The different directions of our business are integrated common goals and interests, finance and a policy

We help our clients to implement and use successfully the most perspective innovative technologies providing improving of quality of their life, safety and growth of value of their business.

Company mission: We work in order that our clients could use safely the information where they will wish. Our innovative technologies help people to be successful and provide growth of value of their business.

Company purpose: To be in the lead in the Ukrainian market of information technologies, anticipating requirements of the market and relying on own long-term traditions of quality, competence, responsibility, unity and readiness for self-return of our single team.

To a large extent invariable progress and growth of our Company are caused by an erudition, competence, responsibility and unity of our employees.

Secret of our success is the policy oriented to the consumer, directed on improvement of quality of services.

Specialists of our Company, relying on experience of successful application of innovative decisions for automation own business processes of "MTIS" and understanding of features and requirements of your business, develop and introduce for each Client the individual, personalized decisions which completely satisfy it to inquiries, the purposes and tasks. We accompany our clients as at a stage of creation and implementation of projects and we provide them with further effective technical support.

Our knowledge and experience help our Clients to apply the modern, safe and, that is important, the correct, weighed and optimum decisions on cost in the field of information technologies. It allows our Clients to remain always at height, developing information systems according to growth of their business and without bearing thus unjustified expenses.

Values of the Company:

  • Competence: a secret of success of our Company and satisfaction of our customers is harmonious operation of the command of our high quality professionals. Responsibility, initiative, self-return, the high level of professional competence of our experts do possible the solution of any, most complex challenges;
  • Innovations: our confidence in the future is based on that, trying to anticipate needs of tomorrow, we study of all perspective innovative technologies and we are at any time ready and capable to change and give quickly to our customers of what their competitors only can dream;
  • Quality: in our aspiration to leadership we permanently enhance quality of the products and services that our customers were sure at us, they receive best of the possible;
  • Respect for the customer: we appreciate our customers that from a large quantity of the competing companies they selected us, and we aim to justify the trust rendered to us, giving in exchange understanding of their needs, the high level of service, openness to interaction, an attention and care maximum;
  • Command spirit: we are a harmonious, creative and initiative team of adherents. The mutual trust and respect, the common goals, separated values, vision of the future, coincidence of estimates and aspirations turn our dreams into reality.

The faultless reputation and success of the Company The Modern Technologies of Information and Security initially are based on the higher standards of business honesty and ethics, which are strictly observed by our employees and representatives across all Ukraine.

The Modern Technologies of Information and Security are consist of following subdividings:

  • STIB.Navi gps-navigation, electronics for travelings, transport monitoring with use of GPS technologies;
  • STIB.Integratsiya complex information and technical attending and IT security of the enterprises and private customers;
  • STIB.Novator software development and Web applications;
  • STIB.BIM development, implementation and service of security arrangements of different level of complexity.

We are distinguished by wide geography of presence (Kiev, Simferopol, Donetsk) and a developed partner network.

Working with us, your business becomes stronger!